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Long Term Entry Visa for the Netherlands

Long Term Entry Visa for the Netherlands

People interested in traveling to the Netherlands to work, live or study are advised to apply for a long-term entry visa with the IND and to ask details and information from our specialists in immigration matters. There are certain conditions to meet and our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands  will offer you guidance step by step, including assistance when applying for a residence permit.

Our team of attorneys can also help you apply for any type of visa for Netherlands, from DAFT visa to spouse visa or highly-skilled migrant visa.

Non-EU citizens and long-term visa for the Netherlands

Non-EU (European Union) or EEA (European Economic Area) citizens who want to receive a long-term visa for the Netherlands should prepare a cover letter which demonstrates the reasons for the visit in the country, the insurance which needs to be available for the entire Schengen area, a valid passport and identity card, the return tickets and the filled application form. The immigration officer can also ask for any other significant documents. A long-term entry visa to the Netherlands is available for 90 days, with the possibility to extend it. The foreign citizen will receive the IND authorization for the temporary stay in the country after a correct analysis of the documents.

If a person needs to stay in the Netherlands for more than three months, than he/she needs to apply for a temporary residence permit (MVV). This can be obtained by applying to the Dutch Embassy in your home country. After the application is received by the embassy, it is going to be processed in the Netherlands by the authorities in charge. The decision is communicated to you and consequently a meeting is arranged so that you can be interviewed by the local embassy.

One of the key elements after the approval of the application is to provide the alien number or the V number which is useful for receiving the visa from the authorities. For any other information you can discuss with our consultants in immigration to Netherlands, who can offer you all needed details on the procedure and who can explain to you which steps need to be performed in what order.

Obtaining residency in Netherlands is subject to clear conditions and all applicants and it depends on the individual’s purposes of stay, properly proven by a set of permit-specific documents (employment agreement, college acceptance letter, proof of investment, and other purposes). Our team can provide applicants with personalized assistance during the application process, according to their nationality.

EU citizens can enter freely to the Netherlands

Schengen countries have no frontier controls and there is no need of a certain visa to enter the Netherlands, therefore, people from Finland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, France, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Estonia, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Norway or Malta can travel with no restrictions to the Netherlands.

The EU and EEA citizens who want to work or study in the Netherlands can also travel without any specific visa or permit but should register with the BRP (Personal Records Database) in the country if they stay longer than 4 months. Besides that, they can also apply for a Dutch residence permit, if they meet the specific requirements with the IND.

These advantageous conditions provided for the Schengen area encourage the free circulation of people and both economic and intellectual exchanges. This measure led to an increased development and cohesion in the European area.

Please get in touch with our immigration lawyer in the Netherlands if you want to apply for a long-term entry visa, or if you are interested in details and additional information about how to immigrate to the Netherlands, on the citizenship by investment program in Netherlands,or on different types of visas (highly-skilled migrant visa, DAFT visa, etc.)