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How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Saudi Arabia

How to Relocate to the Netherlands from Saudi Arabia

Citizens relocating to the Netherlands from Saudi Arabia need a temporary residence permit (MVV) if they want to live and work within the country. Saudi Arabians interested in moving to this country and finding a job here will  have to apply for a work permit too. You can apply for the residence permit and work permit at the same time through the TEV procedureOur immigration lawyers in Netherlands can assist you in applying for a residence or work permit.

Entry and residence procedure (TEV), presented by our immigration lawyer in Netherlands 

All nationals of Saudi Arabia who want to immigrate to the Netherlands need a temporary residence permit for a lawful stay in the country. The entry and residence procedure (TEV) is an application for a residence permit and a work permit at the same time. The TEV procedure cannot be undertaken in the Netherlands, it must be fulfilled in Saudi Arabia, with a Dutch consulate or embassy. The only possibility to obtain a residence permit and a work permit in the Netherlands is through the help of a Dutch sponsor.

When applying for a residence and work permit you have to provide information about the purpose of your stay in the Netherlands, must fill in the application form and present certified copies of all your identity papers. Prior to starting the TEV procedure, a civic integration exam has to be taken in your country of origin, at a Dutch embassy or consulate. Before submitting your ID papers with the Dutch embassy or consulate, make sure to have them translated in English, Dutch, German or French and pay the visa application fee. Please note that the TEV procedure may last up to 90 days and can be shortened to 14 day if you require the services of a sponsor in the Netherlands.

Our immigration lawyer in Netherlands can give you extensive information about the TEV procedure.

Applying for citizenship in the Netherlands is possible once you have been living in the country for at least five years with a valid residence permit. You should know that when you become a Dutch citizen you renounce your Saudi Arabian nationality. Our team can give you personalized information so that you fully understand the requirements before you apply for naturalization.

Saudi Arabia nationals working in the Netherlands

The process of relocating to the Netherlands from Saudi Arabia implies finding a job and supporting oneself in this new country. Starting with April 2014, most migrants who come to the Netherlands for more than three months are eligible for the single work permit (GVVA). An application for the GVVA permit can be submitted in person or by the Dutch employer with the Immigration and Naturalisation Service in the Netherlands. The Employee Insurance Agency (UWV) checks if you fulfill the provisions of the Foreign National Employment Act and gives you either a positive or a negative recommendation. The GVVA work permit is granted for one year and the categories of employees which can benefit from it are the following:

•    Regular migrant workers;
•    Interns;
•    Practitioners;
•    Teachers in international education;
•    Ministers of religion and spiritual counselors;
•    Workers in the Asian restaurant industry.

Other employees categories may require separate residence and work permits. Please feel free to contact our specialists in immigration in Netherlands if you need to know if you qualify for a GVVA permit.